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yep, i’ve joined the craftsy family!!!

Modern Crochet Afghans Color & Texture Craftsy Class Salena Baca

If you haven’t heard me shout this news from the roof tops, then…

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My class is a lot of fun, no matter how long you’ve been crocheting!

In Modern Crochet Afghans, Color & Texture, you get three beautifully crafted patterns! Each one is written in my favorite sizes so that you can easily make them for any occasion.

View them all on Ravelry today, right here!

Modern Crochet Afghans Color & Texture Craftsy Class Salena Baca Crochet Meme

Afghans are the first projects I learned to crochet, and they are some of my favorite to make. An afghan is something anyone can use, too: from a newborn baby, to your Grandfather at Christmastime, and even for the back of your sofa!

This class is not just about afghans though!

Modern Crochet Afghans Color & Texture Craftsy Class Salena Baca Crochet Meme

Texture and stitch definition are important, and I walk you through them for each design! Color placement can be tricky, so I give  lots of resources to swatch out each design with ease. Also, when you use a lot of color, it’s hard to know the best ways to secure all those ends in ways that work and look good. I’ve got you covered for all this, and much more!

I’ll walk you through tips and tutorials that have helped to make my crochet projects look and feel more polished and professional looking!

When you take a Craftsy class, it’s just like we’re sitting together at my kitchen table, and we’re working up the designs together! It’s just like you’re taking a live workshop with me, and I’m there to help you make a project you’ll really love, and be proud of!

Modern Crochet Afghans Color & Texture Craftsy Class Salena Baca Crochet Meme

And, because I want you to get started today…

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My class is now live!

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Welcome to my brand new page! It’s a pleasure to have you here!

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I’ve created this page for a few reasons, but mainly because I’m moving away from the name “Baca Creations”. From now on, I’ll be working under my full name, and my obsession: Salena Baca Crochet! This name best reflects what I love, and it will help you to easily find me online 😉

Now, I’d love to meet YOU!

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Again, welcome to my brand new page! I look forward to “meeting” you and hearing any questions you have for me!