Crochet Lessons | Bend Oregon Only!

Giving crochet lessons has always been something I’ve really enjoyed; I’ve got a great lesson plan, I often make new crochet friends, and I take so much pride in passing this skill on to others who will enjoy it, too.

Crochet Lessons | Salena Baca Crochet Bend, Oregon

Having the right space to teach is very important, so I was thrilled to partner with Armature for a great creative space! The Armature building is located on 2nd Street in Bend, and you can find directions RIGHT HERE.

My full lesson plan can be catered to any level; from beginner to intermediate, I have classes that will transform you into a skilled, confident, and independent crocheter! You can view my lesson plan outline RIGHT HERE.

I am passionate about crochet, and I hope to share that with you! I look forward to hearing from you with any questions, or to schedule your first lesson today!

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(575) 693-8673

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