My Crochet Career: Join My Workshop!

Is crochet your hobby, but you want to turn it into a business?

Maybe you’ve started a business, but you’re not making enough money, you’re working too hard, and you’re not sure where you’re next client is coming from.

I’ve partnered with the Yarnpreneur Academy to host a LIVE workshop: My Crochet Career!

I Know This Will Work Because I’ve Done It.

As a career crocheter I have:

  •  Built a successful business making as much as I would working a full time job.
  •  Created a business I was passionate about and excited to work on every day.
  •  Shared my love of crochet with the world… and I got paid for it!

Space is limited, and class begins soon!

CLICK HERE – Learn more, and reserve a spot today!



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One thought on “My Crochet Career: Join My Workshop!

  1. Brenda says:

    I’m super excited to be a part of your workshop! I signed up today but have yet to receive a confirmation email for me to join the Facebook group. I have checked both my inbox and junk folders.

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